Rp 202,000

the beautiful Clary Sage Oil absorbs gently and helps nourish and regenerate skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and restore the firmness of the skin. Agarwood helps to protect skin from free..

Rp 178,000

Enjoy the benefits of natural anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties from the juicy Grapeseed extracts that not only make skin smooth and supple, but also protect skin from sun ..

Rp 260,000

A perfect 9. A great recipe to a translucent look. Starts with Turmeric, a brilliant brightening agent. Lavender, the queen of essential oil that comes with numerous benefits. It can helps to moisturi..

Bhumi Nutmeg & Cedarwood Body Scrub

Rp 178,000

Rp 178,000

Bhumi used 100% of fine natural essential oils(no synthetic) that complied and received the highest quality standard to its intended use from WHO, GMP and HACCP. Not only are we using high quali..

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