Jacquelle Clean Carbon Facial Brush

Rp 139,000

Rp 139,000

Both men & women's skin with hardcore activity can produces more oil, resulting clogged pores & blackhead. Jacquelle Clean Carbon gently exfoliate, refine pores, remove excess oil witho..

Jacquelle EggGang Blender

Rp 79,000

Rp 79,000

Puff blender in egg shape, with a flat side for small details. Non-disposable sponge applicator to apply flawless makeup. Packed with cute acrylic..

Rp 159,000

Jacquelle Facial Cleansing Brush hadir dengan desain lucu ada gambar Hello Kity, mempunyai dua sisi brush dengan fungsi yang berbeda. Bulu brush pada satu sisinya san..

Rp 599,000

Set of Sea Shell brush with soft and silky synthetic hair. Ideal to create any look. Include 6 essential brushes for: - powder - blush - countour - blend - eyes & nose countour..

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